Rain Drop Shape – Adobe Illustrator CS5

Today I will show you how to create a rain drop shape using Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Step 1 – Draw a Circle with the ‘Eclipse’ Tool
Make sure to that everything is aligned correctly make sure to create some guide lines to help you out.

Step 2 – Remove top half of the circle using the ‘Direct Selection’ tool
You can either remove each 45 degree angle at a time or you can remove 90 degrees by holding the ‘shift’ key and selecting both.

Step 3 – Create swivel lines using the ‘Pen’ tool
Select the end of one of the tips of the half circle shape and draw straight up with the ‘pen’ tool. Next, select a point in the center above the shape allowing you to determine the height of your rain drop; then hold the ‘shift’ key and draw straight up to angle the direct line as much as required.

Step 4 – Duplicate the swivel line created and align it as the opposing side.
While doing this your guidelines should help you with the sizing required.

Step 5 – After Creating the rain drop ‘Join’ the ‘Path’ created
After creating this shape select the whole shape and go to ‘object > join > path’. This will then ensure the lines are connected.

Ta Daaaaaaa!
You now have a raindrop which you can render in any way required.


About Corey

A 22 Year old, Father of two, Internet Marketer/Graphic & Web Designer from Cambridge. Looking to inspire people.
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2 Responses to Rain Drop Shape – Adobe Illustrator CS5

  1. Bilal says:

    Now I can make a drop I mean rain-drop

  2. Zainab says:

    I have a revue at how do you make a bird

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